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Tuesday September 26th 2017

Jigsaw puzzles and how they fair today against electronic games

For some time now there has been a levelling off of interest in jigsaw puzzles. This is in part due to the increase of role play and digital games freely avialable over the last 20 years or so. However jigsaws do still retain a place in the market. Those who buy tend to be devoted followers, often buying several new puzzles at a time to feed their craving. They are what we call devotees. So when a new range appears they simpl y have to have all of them. A clever marketer will invest in a known brand backed by established artists so that the devotees feel they are buying a quality brand.
We don’t have enough research to know whether or not a puzzle, once solved, is ever opened again. We do know that buyers tend to be out in the sticks far from shopping centres. As such they find the internet a marvellous route to their treasured puzzles and to buy up what is on offer.

A savvy manufactuer will therefore need to be sure to buy the rights to the most popular artists, because in the end, this is what also helps drive new buyers. If you have never heard of a maker, you can easily research the artist just to be sure you are buying something of quality in the jigsaw world.

The best of both worlds is to combine devotees with artists that are well established.Then you can tap into both markets and have a grate chance of success.

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